A broad field into which the makers have moulded their play. It tells of the wildness under the civilised façade, but also of modern man and the expectations placed on him. Meanwhile, a fantastic story unfolds between a castle and a phallic throne that makes all theory fade away. The audience becomes part of the action. In addition, there are beautiful theatre images – as enigmatic as the play, which oscillates between dream and reality… Everyone agrees that they will return to the unique Theater ANU.

Berliner Morgenpost

A mix of performance and installation, scavenger hunt and night hike. Very impressive… The reflection on how we all castrate ourselves or allow ourselves to be castrated more or less voluntarily is very creatively and poetically implemented, without reference to current political debates.


A courageous, innovative and interesting directorial approach!

A surreal piece that addresses the big questions. Christopher Nolans movie Inception probably couldn’t have come up with it any better.

Visitors’ voices

Wow! Incredibly thought provoking! Congratulations for the play!

My expectations have been exceeded!

Wonderful, from the first to the last second!

Again such a special performance by you! Critical and wonderfully profound! Applause!

The greatest moment I have had in time!

Stunning actors with many talents!