Night Sea Journey

The resumption of the DREAMPLAY for 100 YEARS OF LAKE EDER

A mysterious traveler leaves the Eder up. He pushes with his small boat on a great stone wall – only a small door appears to lead to the other side. What is behind it? The history of Edertal meets some old myths: tragic heroes who want to return home , legendary water women who raise their voice … For one night blurred reality, history and fantastic worlds to a sensual dream game.

Theater Anu from Berlin staged with night sea journey, a poetic journey back to a country that has long disappeared. Below the dam creates the Berliner Compagnie to 100 years Edersee a walk-in dream world with fascinating light and shadow, installation, theater and performance.

Theater Anu enthusiastic in the last years with his production SCHATTENWALD under GRIMM 2013. In NACHTMEERFAHRT/NIGHT SEA JOURNEY it is dedicated to the unique atmosphere below the dam in the history of Edertal.