By the river of light


Over 600 metres long, a river of 40 000 candles winds its way through the town of Idar-Oberstein. The Nahe river, buried in the 1980s when the B41 through-road was built, was once a defining feature of the town, otherwise known for its gemstone industry. Today traffic flows where water once ran – apart from two nights in May 2012…

The people of MoraLand, a foreign country, have arrived in Ida-Oberstein. Every century they visit the Nahe valley to have their ‘Obersteins’ cut and polished – a stone they cultivate with much care in their own country. On the banks of the river of light visitors learn more from the wondrous guests: the significance of light and water in the art of cutting Obersteins and why these strange people have created a river of light for two nights.