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The opening of the newly designed "Kesselbrink" square on 14 September 2013


A production that deals with the history of the square.


The Kesselbrink has a chequered history. It was located at the gates of Bielefeld's city walls, and there was once a healing spring here. It was a parade ground, a fairground and a place for the deportation of Jews. The club "Arminia Bielefeld" was founded here and played its first match. For a long time it was a bus station and car park.

Staging idea

The canopies are intended to shroud the new square, so that a special focus falls on the new design of lawns, seating terraces, tree avenues and fountains. On the other hand, they convey something like "a journey back in time": scenes that have long been forgotten, stories and events that are hardly imaginable today on the Kesselbrink come alive again.

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