The place

The former showpiece GDR housing project "Thälmannpark" is falling into disrepair: Green spaces are decaying, playgrounds are disappearing, the soil is contaminated by a former gasworks. Nevertheless, more and more investors are interested in this "non-place" and are stoking fears of high rents in the future. In the context of trendy Prenzlauer Berg, Thälmannpark looks like an island of Berlin that has fallen out of time.

Future Artefacts

- a collective of artists and experts from various disciplines - is based on unusual Specialised in problem-solving strategies. Following the company's philosophy "The world is not made of problems, but of solutions!", Future Artefacts is launching an experiment lasting several weeks in cooperation with the local residents' initiative. Together with citizens, the collective evaluates solution patterns found in nature and technology in the residential park by means of "poetic questioning" and applies the resulting artistic answers to explosive questions about the residential area.

The methods used by Future Artefacts (field excursion, training to sharpen sensory perception, etc.) are based on the poetisation of language.
By linking the analogy technique "synectics" (W. J. J. Gordon, 1961) with means of poetic representation, people try out a different culture of perception, thinking and speaking in a longer dynamic process. The project also offers the "quiet voices" of a citizens' initiative the opportunity to be heard.
The aim is to transform the green space of Thälmannpark into a temporary performance garden "Analogia", which conveys the questions, concerns and fears of local residents to visitors and invites them to analogise their own problems in order to find possible solutions.