Previous Productions

2014      Night Sea Journey  | commission Kultursommer Nordhessen und GRIMM 2014
2014      The Garden Analogia |  Berlin Thälmannpark
2014      Mask Promenade around 1900 | commission for the 100th anniversary King Albert Theater
2014      Maze of history – Lauffen am Neckar | commission for the town of Lauffen | Repertoire
2013      Shadow Forest – A poetical journey through the dark forest commission for GRIMM 2013 | repertoire
2013      Kesselbrink–  Town square through the ages commission for the town of Bielefeld
2012      A birthday feast for George Tabori | commission for the George Tabori prize award ceremony, Berlin
2012      Ovid’s Dream – In the Garden of Transformations | repertoire
2011      Come to MoraLand | repertoire
2010      The Key Hunt | commission for the town of Oranienburg
2010      By the River of Light | commission for  the opening of the Rheinland Pfalz summer of culture
2010      The Legend of The Winged Boy | commission for the world heritage site Hadrian’s Wall, Newcastle, UK
2010      Angels above the Zollverein | opening ceremony, European Capital of Culture, RUHR.2010, Essen
2009      Angels above Berlin | 20 year anniversary of the end of the wall, Berlin
2009      Opening of Heidenheim Congress Center | commission for the town of Heidenheim
2009      The Moortsland Festival | commission for the design studio Fabritastika, Switzerland
2008      Angels and Thieves | commission for the city of Heidenheim
2008      The Angel Museum – a theatrical installation | repertoire
2007      The Great Journey– Encounters in the Labyrinth of Light | repertoire
2005      Traces of Light – eine poetische Parkbespielung | Repertoire
2004      Opening event, Hessentag, Heppenheim
2001      The Sun’s Chariot – Phaethon’s Flight, after Ovid | repertoire, no longer played
1998      The Moon – a piece of poetic theatre on stilts after a Grimm brothers fairy tale | repertoire