20 Years Theater Anu – The first photo

In December we had asked in a raffle, how many photos the Theater Anu archive includes. The correct answer: There are over 47,000 images. On the occasion of the 20th anniversary Stefan Behr tells how the first theater Anu-Photo was created.

Sometimes success stories start very curiously. At least that’s how it was with Anu. When we decided to stage the first piece, it was clear to us that we needed photos to promote the production. So the photographer Bernd Friedrich was invited to a small photo session in the nocturnal park. Our first piece should be played on stilts. The stilts also arrived shortly before the shoot – but the two male players did not have time to practice stilt walking. That’s right: Before the evening when the first photo was shot, Harry Unger and Martin Kaschke had never stood on stilts. Thus, both of them, held together by many hands, wiggled from the wall on which they had put on their leg extensions to the big wooden cart, which was to be decisive for the staging. Her first attempts of course looked incredibly awkward and funny! The photographer must have been amazed, and he certainly thought: that will never happen! And I admit, I was sure I was not that evening, whether that was a good idea with the stilts.

DER MOND by Theater Anu

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